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Experienced Help And Guidance In Pennsylvania Child Support Matters

Raising children is expensive, and those costs don’t go away when parents get divorced or break up. Child support is often a touchy subject because it keeps parents financially tied to one another. But these funds are critical for care and well-being of children, which is why child support is nearly always a factor in divorce and custody cases.

I am attorney Stephanie L. Tigue, founder of Tigue Law. When you work with my firm, I will provide knowledgeable guidance through all aspects of your family law case, including child support. Regardless of whether you expect to pay or receive support funds, I will work to ensure that your children and your financial interests are protected.

How Is Child Support Determined?

As in most states, child support in Pennsylvania is calculated beginning with a formula. The commonwealth uses the “income shares” model. In addition to the incomes of both parents, factors influencing child support payments include:

  • The number of children needing support
  • The amount of time the children spend in each parent’s care
  • Each spouse’s earning capacity (if it differs significantly from their actual earnings)
  • Health insurance costs for the children
  • Medical expenses (unreimbursed) for the children
  • Day care and child care costs
  • Any other factors deemed relevant

Raw data doesn’t always tell the full story. As your lawyer, it will be my responsibility to ensure that the court has accurate information about both child-related costs and each parent’s financial capabilities. Then, I will help you advocate for a child support award that meets the needs of the children and is fair and sustainable for both sides.

Seeking Modifications When Necessary

Financial needs and circumstances change over time. When this happens, either parent can petition for a modification in child custody payments. Reasons to petition for a modification would include a substantial change in the incomes of either parent (up or down), or a substantial change in the financial needs of children.

I can help you petition the court to modify the existing order or help you seek to prevent a modification, depending on your position.

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