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A Family Law Attorney Focused On The Best Interests Of Children

Protecting your children is of utmost importance. Whether you are seeking primary custody of the children, partial custody, or a shared custody arrangement, the courts will look to see that a custody order is in the child’s best interest. The parties to a custody action are always encouraged to come to a negotiated agreement, which often leaves clients with more control over the outcome, and in cases of child custody, serves the child’s best interest.

However, if the parties are not able to agree, the children may begin to suffer. Court proceedings may be necessary to establish or modify a custody schedule, or to enforce your custodial rights. No matter how your case will ultimately be resolved, the right lawyer can make a major difference. If you are facing child custody proceedings, contact Tigue Law today.

I Can Help You Seek The Most Appropriate Custody Solution For Your Family

I am firm founder Stephanie L. Tigue. As an attorney with more than a decade of experience, I have helped many families through all aspects of their custody cases. The most common issues in child custody cases are as follows:
  • Physical custody (the court will consider 16 factors before deciding what is in the child’s best interest)
  • Legal custody
  • Modification of an existing custody order
  • Contempt of a custody order
  • Partial custody visitation for parents and grandparents
  • Paternity for fathers and mothers
  • Adoption
  • Child support
  • Relocation: Any person proposing to change the residence of a child which significantly impairs the ability of non-relocating parties to exercise custodial rights shall follow all requirements of the relocation statute 23 Pa.C.S. 5337 (a)-(l), and Pennsylvania Rule of Civil Procedure 1915.17. “

Even if you and your spouse seem to be on the same page about how to proceed, you may experience unanticipated disputes or disagreements along the way. I am ready to help you find solutions that protect your and your children’s interests while keeping the proceedings on track.

Discuss Your Legal Options During A Free Consultation

When you contact Tigue Law, I will work with you personally to answer your questions, clarify the legal process and outline the options available to you. My firm is based in Scranton, and I offer free initial consultations to clients throughout the surrounding areas. I can be reached online or by telephone at 570-908-5759 to discuss your case.